Large Folk Art

September, 2023

Large 28 Hand Carved Oak Branch Wood Art Sculpture Seal Artist Signed Folk Art


This magnificent seal sculpture is a testament to exquisite craftsmanship, showcasing remarkable attention to detail and exceptional skill. Measuring an impressive 28″ in length and approximately 6″ wide, with a weight of just over 8lbs, it commands attention and admiration. The base bears the unmistakable signature of “R McIntyre, ” accompanied by a date, likely […]

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Mid Century Brutalist 3D Painting, Style of Paul Evans, Bertoia and Pearsall


Mid Century Brutalist 3D Painting, Style of Paul Evans, Bertoia and Pearsall. Signed MID CENTURY ABSTRACT Acrylic Plaster Wall Art Painting Paul Evans Era. Very rare and good condition acrylic plaster style masonry artwork large heavy. On the top and bottom on the back looks like signature and or title. The Frame Size 48″ x […]

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Vintage Mexican Folk Art Mid-century Large 28 Paper-Mache Pig Pinata Sculpture


Currently offered is this near life-size paper-mache (carton piedra) pig sculpture embellished with wood buttoned Hemp pinwheels and seashells. This is from the estate of a world traveler whose heirs believe it was brought back from a trip to Mexico in the 1960’s as they remember it always being in a corner in the study. […]

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John Sperry Southern Dogs Folk Art Painting Sun Don’t Shine On The Same Dogs But


Outsider Original Primitive Raw Brut Fun Dogs Folk Art painting. Oils on wood & Framed. Wonderful Colorful Great Statement Piece! Dog portraits and suns. “Don’t Shine On The Same Dogs Butt Everyday “. The far right dog is actually brown see close ups for best view. New PIece Just Completed!! Painting Original by Southern Folk […]

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